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This site's concept is Strife's and ownership belongs to him. The set-up was put together by Mell.

The Sanctum's Purpose

The Reflected Sanctum is a branch of the main site, The Tainted Lands. As TTB is a killing site, TRS is the opposite.  This isn't meant to be a serious, plotted, roleplay-- it's just a place to go.


You do not have to be the same character from TTB. You can also be a character that has once died there.

Members here are still capable of battle; however, the dead will return to life as soon as the battle has ended.

So, what's different?

As stated earlier, if you die in a battle you will come back to life as soon as it's over (as long as you're willing.)

A common alternative to the lack of death is dueling (duels require both fighters to accept the challenge) the one who dies simply stays dead.

A few of the rules are changed, but are otherwise the same as those from TTB.


The Reflected Sanctum is situated high above the The Tainted Lands atop the floating islands. It's own natural barrier has prevented it from succumbing to the explosion's damage. It's said to be blessed by Time, Serenity, and Life. It's an ageless country-- once a person steps foot here, they will never age again until they leave.


Dragons populate the islands, they're used for traveling across the Sanctum. Flying ships are also a useful alternative for island traveling.

Upon return to TTB, feel free to state that you've fallen from the sky xD

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